Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a short in-clinic treatment that uses naturally occurring acids to break down the dull and dry uppermost layer of skin while stimulating collagen production. This dull upper layer gently peels off in the days following treatment, revealing the younger and healthier skin beneath. It is a fast, non-invasive option to gently resurface the skin, correct minor imperfections and improve skin tone, texture and radiance. Benefits:

  • Fading of brown spots
  • Refining pores
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • Improving acne
  • Lessening dark under-eye circles
  • Smoother, clearer complexion
  • Brighter, lighter skin

buy provigil canada How Market Mall Dermatology Can Help

There are a range of chemical peels available. At Market Mall Dermatology we provide both light and medium depth peels. The type of peel selected depends on the conditions being treated and the level of damage being corrected. All of our peels are compounded to Dr. Stewart Adams’ specifications. The entire treatment takes less than 15 minutes. The process is very tolerable, although some patients may experience mild dryness or redness after treatment. Results are seen from 1 to 10 days post treatment depending on the type and strength of your peel.

A series of 4-6 treatments at 2-week intervals is recommended to observe optimal results.

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