Vaginal Rejuvenation and Vaginal Atrophy

Childbirth, menopause and intrinsic aging can have a negative effect on urinary continence, sexual response and genital discomfort. While many women experience these conditions, many suffer in silence rather than getting help for these medical issues.

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Laser therapies can alleviate symptoms of menopause and their surrounding discomfort. All of our procedures are discrete and minimally invasive, do not have downtime, and are administered by a female practitioner. If you are suffering, don’t stay silent. Let us help you find a treatment option for you.


Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine. At Market Mall Dermatology we offer stress urinary incontinence laser treatment. IncontiLase® is a non-invasive laser therapy used to treat mild to moderate stress-related urinary incontinence. 

This treatment approach is based on safe and efficient photothermal stimulation,resulting in collagen regeneration and gentle tightening and shrinking of vaginal tissue and endopelvic fascia, which subsequently provides improved support to the bladder.

  • Solution for mild and moderate stress and mixed incontinence
  • Photothermal tightening of urethral and anterior bladder wall regions
  • No incision, minimally invasive
  • No anesthesia required 
  • Walk in/walk out procedure is safe, quick and easy
  • High success rate and patient satisfaction

Vaginal tightening is the tightening of the pelvic floor muscles to achieve a desired effect of vaginal elasticity and continence (tightness).
Over time the pelvic muscles can become stretched and fatigued due to natural stressors such as aging, pregnancy or, in some cases, weight gain. In the case of pregnancy, a difficult child birth can overstretch or tear the pelvic muscles, resulting in vaginal relaxation (loss of ideal vaginal form).

Our clinic offers Fotana’s IntimaLase® therapy to address and improve symptoms of pelvic muscle weakening and achieve a desired vaginal tightening effect.

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